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Friday, 22 May 2015

Intelligent Protection International's new website!

Intelligent Protection International Limited's new website just gone live. 

Intelligent Protection International Limited is a sister company of Intelligent Armour Limited which operates worldwide.

 close protection

Check out their new website if you are looking for close protection services or in the case where you would like to apply for a job.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

New! IA 1.5 Inch Range Belt

For the range and for casual wear!

The IA 1.5 Inch Range Belt was designed by Intelligent Armour Limited to be worn with everyday trousers and is stiffened to carry the weight of a holster.

 IA 1.5 Inch Range Belt
The belt features the 38mm AustriAlpin Cobra buckle and weighs only 160g in size 36", making it one of the lightest belt of its kind.

The IA 1.5" Range Belt was modeled on our IA Combat Holster Belt, the different being that the range belt fits with any kind of trouser, making it good to wear at the range or with any trouser. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

New ! IA Tactical Riggers Belt

Intelligent Armour Tactical Riggers Belt - The ultimate military Riggers Belt !

A 1.75" stiffened belt designed with military and Special Forces use in mind and manufactured to a very high specification. 

 IA Tactical Riggers Belt

A stiffened tactical riggers belt featuring Molle loops to attach Molle pouches. The Intelligent Armour Tactical Riggers Belt is made with the new AustriAlpin D-ring COBRA®, a hybrid of two standard products of safety industry hardware: the parachute D-Ring and the ANSI cobra. The AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles tensile strength is 18Kn and rated to ANSI and CSA standards.

 IA Tactical Riggers Belt

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

New Competition! WIN one of our new belt

Competition time again, this one in conjunction with Scoutthedoggie YouTube Airsoft Video Maker:

LIKE our Facebook Page & SHARE this photo for a chance to win one of three great belts.

We will pick three winners who will each have a choice of size of belt (Buckle colour & choice of Velcro loop etc.)

Competition runs from 16/07/14 until 17:00hrs GMT 16/08/14. The winners will be picked at random from the "LIKES & SHARES" that this has received.

The names of the winners will be posted on this page on the 16/08/14 after 17:00hrs GMT.

 Intelligent Armour Facebook page

Friday, 1 August 2014

New! IA 1.5 Inch Combat Cobra Belt

Designed as a lightweight load bearing option, ideal for use with holsters!

 IA 1.5 Inch Combat Cobra belt

Ideal as an every day belt or as a duty belt, the IA 1.5 Inch Combat Cobra Belt in Multicam offers enough support via internal stiffening to support most holsters and leg platforms without sag that is a feature of some other military or tactical belts.

The IA 1.5 Inch Combat Cobra Belt in Multicam is quickly adjustable within two inches either way of the belt size. That is a size 32 Inch belt will offer adjustment from 30-34 inches.
As with the IA CT Team Operators belt, the IA 1.5 Inch Combat Cobra Belt features Molle webbing around the belt to enable the attachment of pouches

Friday, 30 May 2014

IA Lightweight Belt in Kryptek Highlander & Typhon

The IA Lightweight Combat 1" Belt is now available in two different types of Kryptek camouflage: Kryptek Highlander and Kryptek Typhon.

Kryptek uses a multi-directional design to effectively conceal in a multitude of terrains which have either a lateral or vertical flow. The bi-layering of the patterns creates a three dimensional effect that ensures the best in concealment at both close and long ranges.

IA Kryptek Highlander Lightweight Combat 1" Belt

Kryptek Highlander is especially designed for those geographical regions and elevations that are varied. It increased stealth when pursuing a wide range of quarry in mixed terrains.

 Kryptek Highlander belt

IA Kryptek Typhon Lightweight Combat 1" Belt

Kryptek Typhon camouflage is designed for those who operates in darkness so they are not identified by predators who prowl at night.

 Kryptek Typhon belt

The IA Lightweight Combat 1" Belt is sold all over the world and uses only military specification materials as well as the famous Austrialpin buckle which make it one of the most solid belt available on the market.
The belt is also available in Multicam, A-Tacs, Black, Olive Drab, Foliage Green and Coyote Tan.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

New Facebook Competition! Win a tested Helmet

Win a tested Helmet! Lets be honest, we know you want it!

 Win a tested helmet with Intelligent Armour

To take part in the competition, you just have to Like our Facebook page and share the competition picture on Facebook for a chance to win this tested helmet (shot five times as part of NIJ testing). Competition will end on the 31st of May 2014. Helmet can be shipped worldwide to the winner.