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Friday, 16 November 2012

Close Protection in Mauritania

Our sister company Intelligent Protection International Limited has just commenced security and close protection operations in Mauritania.

Group CEO Alex Bomberg said today “Mauritania is a very important country for mineral exploration and mining due to its close proximity to Europe; but sadly the security situation in the country is as such that companies operating in this (hostile) environment; do require specialist security.”

Intelligent Protection International Limited was incorporated in 2002 and is supported by International Intelligence Limited, another of our sister companies; (all companies part of Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited group of companies) International Intelligence Limited is to provide up to date intelligence and support to the security and Close Protection Africa activities of Intelligent Protection.

The company has appointed Lee Wright as West Africa Manager with responsibility for operations in Mauritania and for the region as a whole. Lee recently left the British Army after 22 years of service.
For more information on these operations, see: Close Protection Africa

Thursday, 15 November 2012

New! IA Slings

IA has launched its own range of tactical slings using military specification material

The Intelligent Armour Y-Sling is lightweight and a fully adjustable single point sling. The user will be able to suspend a weapon with the weight of the weapon supported via the users body armour or vest.

For a full adjustment, you can adjust the weapon sling by one of its three adjustment points to give you central and left and right bias and up and down. The IA Y-Sling attaches to the Molle or D-Rings on body armour or on a vest using Molle Tee joints.

We took advice for the design from our Infantry clients as to what they require from a sling and we went back to single point sling basics.

The 3-Point Rifle Sling attached to the front and rear sling loops and the quick release buckle is released to bring the rifle to aim. The 3-Point Rifle Sling can also be worn in the “released” 2-point position with the rifle at rest at the side of the user, for a “ready” yet non-aggressive stance.

The sling comes as standard with both stamped metal HK Snap Hooks and a rear stock/butt adaptor strap for a weapon which hasn't got a rear sling loop.