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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Oakley SI Half Jacket XLJ Transition Sunglasses

Oakley SI Half Jacket XLJ Transition Sunglasses, Half-frame UV and impact protection eyewear with photochromic lenses

Oakley Half Jacket XLJ Transition Sunglasses, has partnered with Transitions Optical to create lenses that darken and lighten automatically.
Oakley Half Jacket XLJ Transition Sunglasses patented innovations of Oakley optics are blended with photochromic technology which actively tunes the amount of light that reaches your eyes. Even better, the lenses include base colors that precisely balance light transmission and boost visual contrast to improve depth perception.

A unique blend of innovations that gives you the ultimate in performance and comfort while improving safety in environments ranging from overcast to bright sun. 100% UV filtering.

Oakley SI Half Jacket XLJ Transition Sunglasses lenses

These Oakley Half Jacket XLJ Transition Sunglasses offers extended lens coverage for larger faces or for those who prefer an expanded field of view. Enjoy the unbeatable clarity of HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®). Lense are interchagable.

N.B.: The lenses are enhanced with performance base colors, so they do not fade to clear in the absence of sunlight. Also note that photochromic lenses darken in response to UV light - car windshields block most UV.

Oakley SI Half Jacket XLJ Transition Sunglasses, comfort and security
Comfortably lightweight O MATTER® frame includes UNOBTAINIUM® components that increase grip with perspiration.

Fjallraven Sarek Jacket

Fjallraven Sarek Jacket, a great value Fjallraven jacket, Tough trekking jacket designed for long trips

The Fjallraven Sarek Jacket uses classic Fjallraven G-1000 with stretch panels at the back and front pockets and under the armpits. The Fjallraven Sarek Jacket features Detachable, adjustable hood. Hidden two-way zipper in the front, buttons at the bottom hem. Elastic cuffs with velcro adjustments.

Many practical pockets, of which 2 large pockets in the front that also provide ventilation and 2 easily accessible breast pockets and sleeve pockets.

G-1000 is Fjällräven´s own unique fabric and a classic ingredient in Fjällräven´s equipment. The densly woven fabric is a blend of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton, making the material extremely hardwearing at the same time as it breathes well and dries quickly.

One of the G-1000 material´s greatest characteristics is its superior breathability, which particularly useful for active outdoor use. With the application of an environmentally friendly impregnation made from beeswax and paraffin, the material also becomes water and dirt repellent.

Fjallraven Ontario Half Zip Sweater

Fjallraven Ontario Half Zip Sweater, warm and comfortable

The Fjallraven Ontario Half Zip Sweater ribbed wool sweater features a high collar with short zipper in the front, knitted sleeve cuffs and hem.

Made from 100% lamb wool
Made from 100% lamb wool and manufactured to a high specification, the Fjallraven Ontario Half Zip Sweater is a great value winter sweater.

Very warm in the winter, the Fjallraven Ontario Half Zip Sweater is a great value sweater that has been designed for comfort and durability.

Lowa Patrol Boots

Lowa Patrol Boots, Tough mountain-style boot with Cambrelle® hard wearing lining

Whilst inheriting all the tough qualities and comfort of the Mountain boot GTX, the Lowa Patrol Boot UK DOES NOT feature a Gore-Tex® membrane, but instead offers a single Cambrelle® hard wearing lining.

Lowa Patrol Boots - Quick drying
Lowa Patrol Boots therefore offer quicker drying to those who find Gore-Tex® unnecessary for certain tasks. Insulated for colder climates and ventilated for warmer climates, this non Gore-Tex model® is sure to satisfy many users.

Law Firms call in Ex-SAS personnel

The Law Gazette 5th September 2002

Law firms call in ex-SAS personnel to spy on staff and eavesdrop potential clients - By Jeremy Fleming

Some law firms tap staff phones to find out whether they are having affairs with secretaries or moonlighting, and eavesdrop rivals in pubs to gain sensitive information, an Intelligence consultant told the Gazette this week.

Alex Bomberg, managing Director of security company International Intelligence, said he acted for a number of firms-including major city practices-which typically use his services to carry out surveillance on directors of prospective clients.

This sometimes involves staff eavesdropping on rival firms lawyers at bars and in restaurants, where they may discuss business and clients.

He said: "phone tapping itself is illegal, but not if the owner of the phones is monitoring the calls of employees. It is sometimes done internally within law firms to monitor whether partners are having affairs with their secretaries, but mostly to see if staff are working for non-clients on the side"

Mr Bomberg, whose firm is staffed by former SAS and civil and military security services personnel, said, "we sent ex SAS personnel with a law firm to South Africa on a litigation matter recently to protect the solicitors and barristers on the case"

Security reviews, which cost £4000, take form of an "attack", carried out by international intelligence staff. "We agree a two-week period during which we will attack the firm, attempt to steal sensitive documents, hack their computer systems and generally try to discover as much information as possible. Afterwards we pinpoint the weaknesses," Mr Bomberg said.

He said he had carried out such attacks on 15 firms, and said that many have lax security: "I know for a fact that three major well-known city law firms dump whole files in their bins. And if you ask any solicitor to rummage through his secretaries bins at the end of day, I guarantee that most of them will find copies of (confidential) correspondence."

Ed Nally, deputy vice-president of the Law Society, said that monitoring internal communications would be ethical so long as proper warnings were in place and it was carried out for proper management purposes.

Fjallraven Womens Pelikan Shirt

Fjallraven Womens Pelikan Shirt, mountain style for the streets

The Fjallraven Womens Pelikan Shirt is a lightweight, quick-drying women's shirt with long sleeves. Water resistant and wrinkle-free cotton blend that feels comfortable against your skin, for a warm comfortable crisp feeling.

The Fjallraven Womens Pelikan Shirt also features zippered inner safety pocket on the left side seam. Sleeve button to hold the rolled-up sleeve in place.
An ideal shirt for walking, hiking or for close protection use.

Fjallraven Womens Sipora MT Trousers

Fjallraven Womens Sipora MT Trousers, great value walking trekking and hiking trousers

Fjallraven Womens Sipora MT Trousers, with double zip-off function. 8 pockets. Regular, elastic waist and regular fit. Raw length and safety pocket.

These trousers are lightweight, 425 grams in size EU38 cool and durable; the Fjallraven Womens Sipora MT Trousers are ideal for walking, hiking or as female close protection trousers; ideal for use in hostile environments.

MT, Micro Travel
MT is a micropolyamide and combed cotton blend, giving a soft brushed feel to the outer finish. The material combines low weight with high strength, yet still with the cool comfort of cotton. The fabric is UV protective, fairly water repellent and almost completely wrinkle resistant. It is highly breathable despite the dense weave.

MT garments are extremely breathable and quick-drying. The fabric dries three times faster than comparable cotton products.

MT garments are lightweight and almost completely wrinkle resistant, making them ideal for traveling and adventure in warm climates.

UV protection
MT is a highly protective fabric that blocks almost all UV radiation, both alpha and beta rays. It provides twice the protection of comparable cotton products.