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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Blackhawk CRG1 Cut Resistant Patrol Gloves with Kevlar

Blackhawk CRG1 Cut Resistant Patrol Gloves with Kevlar, Police patrol and Kevlar search gloves.

Blackhawk CRG1 Cut Resistant Patrol Gloves with Kevlar are new patrol gloves from Blackhawk for 2010 and feature a cut resistant KEVLAR® reinforced palm, with form-fitting ergonomic cut and flexible neoprene/spandex shell.

The Blackhawk CRG1 Cut Resistant Patrol Gloves with Kevlar was designed as a police patrol glove and also as a police search glove; and is also ideal for combat night patrols in urban areas.

Blackhawk CRG1 Cut Resistant Patrol Gloves with Kevlar is cut-resistant and not cut proof. The "moderate" or "high" cut-resistance rating corresponds to NIJ Test Protocol 99-114 based in part on ASTM F1790, Standard Test Method for Measuring Cut Resistance. Results regarding the effectiveness of this product are available through BLACKHAWK!® Products Group™.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

About Danner Boots

Danner was founded in the USA in 1932. Its boots are amoung the best in the world, the craftmanship is second to none.

Grading Leather
The only way to ensure the quality of a Danner boots is to ensure the quality of the materials that Danner use. That’s why every hide of leather is graded through a series of six tests which check for strength, flexibility, durability and more.

Cutting Leather
Every hide of leather is unique. As is the Danner tradition of cutting each hide by hand. It is the only way to ensure that the best part of each hide is used.

Hand Crafted
There are more efficient ways to manufacture a boot; to cut corners, to streamline the process, to produce more for less. But there is only one way to craft a boot with the fit, comfort and durability of a Danner, and that’s by hand.

Design Construction
Product design is a vast collection of intricate details, from the boot last that it’s built on to the stitching that holds it together. And to a Danner boot, these are the details that set it apart.

Danner Desert Acadia Temperate Military Boots
Danner Desert TFX Rough Out Hot Military Boots
Danner Striker II GTX Uniform Boots
Danner Acadia Insulated GORETEX Boots
Danner Acadia Uninsulated Uniform Boots
Danner Recon Insulated GORETEX Boots

Friday, 11 June 2010

BugOut Gear TAC Rucksack

BugOut Gear TAC Rucksack, 63 Litre Military Backpack

The BugOut Gear TAC Rucksack is designed to carry a full load of equipment. PALS/MOLLE compatible panels for the adding of any magazine or utility MOLLE Pouches. BugOut Gear TAC Rucksack is a rugged military rucksack with abrasion resistant exterior.

An ideal backpack for military, police and SWAT operations
With a generous main compartment to manage all of your hydration, communication, and organisational needs, the BugOut Gear TAC Rucksack also features Bedroll compression straps, 4 internal pockets, map pocket, mesh back liner, padded waist belt and internal frame.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

MULTICAM Blackhawk Titan Hydration Pack

MULTICAM Blackhawk Titan Hydration Pack, New Blackhawk MULTICAM

MULTICAM Blackhawk Titan Hydration Pack is a large, functional pack comes with two of the best selling Blackhawk pouches as part of the pack. Use them as is, or change out with other pouches as needed.

The MULTICAM Blackhawk Titan Hydration Pack is huge; packed full of tactical functions and is great value for money.

The Blackhawk Hydration system is only one part of this MULTICAM tactical rucksack, the pack comes with loads of stowage space, enough for a 3 day assault team operation

Includes Upright GP Pouch (37CL52) and Nalgene® Bottle Pouch (37CL70)

Monday, 7 June 2010

Gerber Gator Machete

Fine edged blade and performance saw in one
The Gerber Gator Machete wields a 15 inch fine edge blade on one side, a 15 inch high performance saw blade on the other, plus Gerber's proprietary Gerber Gator rubber grip for ergonomic control while using either.

The riveted, nylon sheath provides safe, durable transport.

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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Tactical Pistol Holsters

Tactical Pistol Holsters

We have picked these holsters from the Blackhawk and 5.11 Tactical range of pistol holsters for there value, durability and operational uses

If we have not listed any Blackhawk Holster or 5.11 Tactical Holster that is of interest to you; please contact us.

Blackhawk Level 3 Tactical SERPA Holster

Blackhawk STRIKE SERPA Beretta Pistol Holster

Blackhawk STRIKE SERPA Combo Kit (Beretta ONLY)

Blackhawk SERPA Holster Accessories

5.11 Tactical ThumbDrive Glock Pistol Holster

5.11 Tactical ThumbDrive Pistol Holster Thigh Rig

5.11 Tactical LBE MOLLE Pistol Holster

5.11 Tactical Revolution Pistol Holster Series

5.11 Tactical Double Pistol Magazine Pouch

PFOA June 10’ Special Offer

PFOA June 10’ Special Offer

Intelligent Armour Limited are offering 5.11 Tactical TacLite Trousers for £34.66 per pair (including VAT & UK Shipping).

To make use of this offer, order on-line or call Intelligent Armour Limited.

This offer only applies when used with PFOA/Intelligent Armour Limited discount code. Please contact your PFOA representative if you have not been issues this discount code.

5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro Pants
Ready to wear lightweight poly-cotton pocketed pant, for use as Tactical Police Trousers and Security professionals

5.11 Tactical Series® has done it again. The new 5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro Pants is ready for wear and we know this one will be a hit. These tactical trousers are in use by many UK Tactical Firearms Units and RMP and Government Close Protection Teams.

Design and construction
Fashioned after the traditional 5.11 Tactical Pant, the new 5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro Pants features a lightweight poly-cotton ripstop fabric and a fully gusseted crotch that allows for full range of movement.

Teflon® treated tactical trousers
The 5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro Pants are treated with HT Teflon® Wear Resistant Finish for stain and soil resistance to maintain that good look no matter what the daily activity.

Available in: Black, Navy Blue, Khaki, Coyote Tan, TDU Green & Tundra

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Blackhawk Boxer Shorts

Engineered fit boxer shorts - even you will look big in them!
The Engineered Fit series from Blackhawk uses material technology that allows you to choose between a body contoured standard fit and full compression fit simply by size selection.

Achieving compression
To achieve a compression fit, a true next to skin, no movement fit which eliminates potential friction related "hot spots" and helps to reduce muscle fatigue, simply select one size down from your normal size.

Lowa Patrol Boots

Lowa Patrol Boots, Tough mountain-style boot with Cambrelle® hard wearing lining

Whilst inheriting all the tough qualities and comfort of the Mountain boot GTX, the Lowa Patrol Boot DOES NOT feature a Gore-Tex® membrane, but instead offers a single Cambrelle® hard wearing lining.

Lowa Police Patrol Boots - Quick drying
Lowa Patrol Boots therefore offer quicker drying to those who find Gore-Tex® unnecessary for certain tasks. Insulated for colder climates and ventilated for warmer climates, this non Gore-Tex model® is sure to satisfy many users.

Lowa Recon Para Non Combat Boots

Lowa Recon Para Non Combat Boots for lightweight military, police or close protection duties

The Lowa Recon Para Non Combat Boots were designed as a replacement for the original Lowa Seeker Para boots.

Lowa Combat Boots are great for training, light duties and extreme temperatures
With good stability for both walking and running (max 25kg backpacks), Lowa Recon Para Non Combat Boots feature Vibram® Vialta sole for good grip and shock absorption and Cambrelle® hardwearing lining.

Lowa Recon Para Non Combat Boots lightweight and great value and are in use with Police units worldwide for light duties.

Surveillance Services

Surveillance Services
International Intelligence Limited uses the latest techniques and equipment to aid in our surveillance services. Surveillance technology and technique has moved on a great deal in the past twenty years, greatly tested in both the combating of terrorism and to feed the worlds hunger for intelligence.
All of our surveillance operatives have previously carried out undercover surveillance in hostile environments thus gaining vast experience working as members of surveillance teams, including aiding investigations and carrying out counter surveillance tasks

International Intelligence Limited has been deployed on surveillance in aid of:
  • Litigation/dispute resolution
  • Work place long-term sicknes
  • Insurance claims
  • Matrimonial/divorce
  • Post employment background check
International Intelligence Limited use a vast number of technical surveillance devices to aid our surveillance, including vehicles equipped with covert cameras, hidden cameras and microphone in ladies handbags (many of our operatives are female). We also employ techniques where possible, such as – telephone tapping, fax monitoring and email interception although these services are only carried out during surveillance in certain circumstances and where the law allows.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, TSCM Services

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, TSCM Services
International Intelligence Limited carries out Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) or debugging for our clients worldwide.

TSCM sweeps are part of our Counter Espionage services and should form part of a companies security housekeeping policy; being carried out at irregular intervals throughout the year.

Our TSCM personnel are drawn from Military Intelligence, Telecommunications and Computer security/networking backgrounds; these varied backgrounds coupled with the use of military specification equipment enable us to locate low cost or military covert listening, or eavesdropping devices, covert cameras or telephone tap/wiretaps.

A TSCM sweep or inspection involves three phases:
Scanning a series of rooms or a space for hidden devices that transmit via a range of frequencies to firstly generate an RF spectrum footprint of the area and then to examine RF spikes to enable them to be identified as safe.

Physical and technical inspection of electrical devices, telecommunications and IT systems are undertaken to search for hidden ‘hard-wired’ microphones and or covert cameras. The in depth inspection of telecommunications devices, includes each handset and socket; through to internal and external exchange levels.

Walls, floors, ceilings and ducts are all inspected and scanned for any hidden, redundant devices or wiring.
Our team will compile a full and comprehensive report on your companies/organisations existing security practices and where necessary make recommendations to enhance your level of security.
For clients interested in internal training for senior management or key personnel, our sister company, Intelligent Training International Limited provide Counter Espionage courses and lectures to aid as an integral part of your security management.

Security vulnerabilities will harm your business. Our aim is to identify any area where your company or organisation is at risk and to provide a cost effective and workable solution.