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Sunday, 13 June 2010

About Danner Boots

Danner was founded in the USA in 1932. Its boots are amoung the best in the world, the craftmanship is second to none.

Grading Leather
The only way to ensure the quality of a Danner boots is to ensure the quality of the materials that Danner use. That’s why every hide of leather is graded through a series of six tests which check for strength, flexibility, durability and more.

Cutting Leather
Every hide of leather is unique. As is the Danner tradition of cutting each hide by hand. It is the only way to ensure that the best part of each hide is used.

Hand Crafted
There are more efficient ways to manufacture a boot; to cut corners, to streamline the process, to produce more for less. But there is only one way to craft a boot with the fit, comfort and durability of a Danner, and that’s by hand.

Design Construction
Product design is a vast collection of intricate details, from the boot last that it’s built on to the stitching that holds it together. And to a Danner boot, these are the details that set it apart.

Danner Desert Acadia Temperate Military Boots
Danner Desert TFX Rough Out Hot Military Boots
Danner Striker II GTX Uniform Boots
Danner Acadia Insulated GORETEX Boots
Danner Acadia Uninsulated Uniform Boots
Danner Recon Insulated GORETEX Boots

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