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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Defensive Driver Training

The Defensive Driving Course will benefit the overall service, that you are able to give your Client. Our course is aimed at reducing not only the loss of personnel and vehicle by road traffic incidents, hi-jack or ambush, but will also go a long way to educate the workforce as to the real dangers of terrorist and criminal activities and help them to recognise a potential situation before it develops.

The course content will be delivered by former members of the British Army and Police Officers using tried and tested Police Advanced Driving and Special Forces techniques. The course is aimed at professional drivers and individuals who face a certain level of threat. Whilst defensive driving takes time to master, the course will teach safe and progressive driving skills with further education into areas of risk and threat assessment.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Intelligent Armour sponsors the PFOA

Sponsors of the Police Firearms  Officers Association Tactical Gear

Intelligent Armour Limited are proud Sponsors and Supporters of the Police Firearms Officers Association.  The PFOA was established in 2009 to give support and advice to Police Firearms Officers and their families.

Police Firearms Officers Association members can benefit from a 10% Discount on all our products.

For a discount code, please login to the secure area of the PFOA website, or ask your local PFOA representative.

As with all of our clients, should any member of the PFOA requires any help and advice on any equipment, including availability and technical issues, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas Competition - Win a 22 SAS Champagne Bottle

Christmas 2011 Competition

Your chance to win a bottle of 22 SAS Champagne!!!

Question: Name the 8 features of the Potomac Advanced Combat Shirt Gen. II (answer can be found here -

To enter: Email your answer with full name, address and date of birth to

Competition rules:
There will only be one winner, the winner will be picked at random on the 21st of December 2011. The Bottle of Champagne will be shipped to the winner in time for Christmas.
Entrants have to be over the age of 18. (ID will be requested prior to shipping)

Monday, 5 December 2011

IA Belts

Intelligent Armour UKSF Riggers Belt and Combat Holster Belts are manufactured in the UK to full military specification and are suitable for Military, Police, Special Forces and emergency services.

The IA Combat Holster Belt was designed by Intelligent Armour upon requests from some of our Special Forces clients who required a tactical quick release belt, strong and stiff enough to carry the weight of a holster or thigh-rig mount, but lighter than other holster, combat belts or CQB Riggers belts.

With attention to detail and to the materials used, the IA Combat Holster Belt is truly one of the very best combat belts on the market today.

The issue with many combat belts such as the Blackhawk CQB Riggers belt or the 5.11 Tactical Operator belt is that you have to keep adjusting it for size and threading the tie-off end through your combat trouser loops. We decided that our belt would allow for adjustment but would also allow for quick and silent release. Weight is also an issue and as anyone who has ever been in combat will know, reducing weight is everything.

This belt is manufactured to the same standards using the same military specification webbing and thread as our Combat Holster Belt, yet uses a lightweight AustriAlpin “Cobra Frame” in place of a heavyweight forged metal roll-pin buckle. The UKSF Riggers belt is fully manufactured by Intelligent Armour in the UK, all component materials are of military specification.

Colours – option

The Advance Combat Belt is available in four webbing colours. The colours available are: Black, Tan, Foliage Green and Olive Drab Green. For best colour match with Multicam or UK MTP army issue clothing, we recommend the UKSF Riggers Belt in either Tan or Foliage Green.

Forged metal Carabiner attachment point

The same Carabiner attachment point as used in the Blackhawk CQB Riggers belt; manufactured to military specification and graded for parachute use.