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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Intelligent Armour launches Social Hand Grenade clothing

Intelligent Armour Limited is delighted to announce the launch of SOCIAL HAND GRENADE TM, its own brand of clothes.

 Social Hand Grenade, brand of clothing

What does "Social Hand Grenade means"?

Everyone must have among his/her friends, someone who is a Social Hand Grenade, he is the one which will often make very inappropriate jokes but you love him/her for it.

How can we define our brand?

Our brand objective is to be fun, cool but also to offer good quality products with fabrics such as organic cotton or bamboo.

Our range

Social Hand Grenade range of clothing includes tee-shirts, polo shirts, jumpers and accessories, and there is more to come within the next few months.

Our products includes clothes for men, women and kids. Let's see a few good examples of what we propose:

For men: Evolution of the Warrior t-shirt

 Evolution of the Warrior t-shirt

For ladies: Long Haired Colonel t-shirt

 Long Haired Colonel t-shirt

For kids: Little Brits T-shirt

 Little Brits t-shirts