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Friday, 16 November 2012

Close Protection in Mauritania

Our sister company Intelligent Protection International Limited has just commenced security and close protection operations in Mauritania.

Group CEO Alex Bomberg said today “Mauritania is a very important country for mineral exploration and mining due to its close proximity to Europe; but sadly the security situation in the country is as such that companies operating in this (hostile) environment; do require specialist security.”

Intelligent Protection International Limited was incorporated in 2002 and is supported by International Intelligence Limited, another of our sister companies; (all companies part of Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited group of companies) International Intelligence Limited is to provide up to date intelligence and support to the security and Close Protection Africa activities of Intelligent Protection.

The company has appointed Lee Wright as West Africa Manager with responsibility for operations in Mauritania and for the region as a whole. Lee recently left the British Army after 22 years of service.
For more information on these operations, see: Close Protection Africa

Thursday, 15 November 2012

New! IA Slings

IA has launched its own range of tactical slings using military specification material

The Intelligent Armour Y-Sling is lightweight and a fully adjustable single point sling. The user will be able to suspend a weapon with the weight of the weapon supported via the users body armour or vest.

For a full adjustment, you can adjust the weapon sling by one of its three adjustment points to give you central and left and right bias and up and down. The IA Y-Sling attaches to the Molle or D-Rings on body armour or on a vest using Molle Tee joints.

We took advice for the design from our Infantry clients as to what they require from a sling and we went back to single point sling basics.

The 3-Point Rifle Sling attached to the front and rear sling loops and the quick release buckle is released to bring the rifle to aim. The 3-Point Rifle Sling can also be worn in the “released” 2-point position with the rifle at rest at the side of the user, for a “ready” yet non-aggressive stance.

The sling comes as standard with both stamped metal HK Snap Hooks and a rear stock/butt adaptor strap for a weapon which hasn't got a rear sling loop.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Multicam iPad Travel Case - someone had to make it!

Lets be honest here most troops just love to chill out and relax when waiting around for transport or during down time on operations. We just had to make an iPad case after the great success of our Multicam Kindle Case.

Multicam iPad Travel Case

Manufactured by Intelligent Armour Limited in the UK from Crye 2-way stretch NanoSphere 40D Multicam fabric and is water resistant and padded to protect your iPad during travel. We have also lined the Multicam iPad Travel Case with Potomac Field Gear's Advanced Protective Fabric to ensure that the screen does not get scratched. The Advanced Protective Fabric is very special in that it is anti-static, wicking and fire retardant - a little over the top for an iPad case, but we wont tell if you don't!

Protection & padding
Padded with foam and wadding for a lightweight protective layer, the Multicam iPad Travel Case should keep your iPad safe from knocks and damage during travel. While the travel case is not hardened and only padded, this should be enough for everyday use and protection.

Pockets for cables etc.
We have added two external pockets to the Multicam iPad Travel Case, one zippered and one Velcro closure. Great storeage options for your charging cables etc.

NanoSphere fabric coating
The Crye Multicam fabric that we have used is coated specially with a NanoSphere chemical treatment. This coating means that the fabric will repell water and dirt and keep your iPad secure.

If you want to know more about NanoSphere see:

Cases for other eReaders?
Yes. We make cases for a few different brands of eReader including the Nook Simple, the Kindle, Kobo and also the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet.

If you have a different eReader of device that you want us to make a case for, just let us know and we will make a case to order. This process should only take a week.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Facebook competition - 5 prizes to be won

June 2012 - Like, Share and Win!

To Enter: All you have to do is "Like" our Facebook page and "share" the competition photo with your friends.

Prizes: We will have five prizes including our new Multicam Rucksack, worth £350. Other prizes will all be Intelligent Armour products, made here in the UK.

Rules:The winners will be picked on the 31st of July 2012 and will be notified via Facebook. We reserve the right to publish the names of the winners on Facebook.
To enter you must "like" our Facebook page and "share" the competition photo.

Intelligent Armour Limited organises regularly competitions so keep an eye on our website.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lowa combat boots, the right choice

Lowa combat boots, the right choice…
Having been selling Lowa combat boots for four years now you could say that we have some experience with this brand!

Choosing boots is very much a personal issue, down to preference, and no matter what your task or job you need to take care in picking the right pair of boots.

Why Lowa?
We point people in the direction of Lowa Combat Boots mainly due to the craftsmanship and the quality of the construction. Very, very few of our clients have had to return Lowa boots due to defects.

Another great reason to invest in to Lowa boots is that many of the range can be re-soled. Although we do suggest that this is done only with companies that are recommended by Lowa and who use genuine Vibram sole units. Two such companies are: Feet First – 01246 260795 & Lancashire Sports Repairs – 01282 439109

Picking the right size
Many people contact us about the sizing on Lowa Boots, having read articles on the internet and on forums that tell the buyer to go up a size or half a size.

We do not advise this. If you are a size UK9, then order a size UK9, you can always exchange it if you are wrong.

Trying boots for size is always important if you can, not of course easy if you are ordering via the internet! Our advice on this is to try your boots on later in the day; this is because most people’s feet expand during the day.

If you want to try a pair of boots then please call us first to ensure that we have the correct sizes in stock and also so that someone can be on hand to give you the best possible advice on what might be best for you and your feet.

Two pairs of socks?
We do not advise on trying boot on with two pair of socks, or wearing two pairs of socks. Our advice is to purchase the right socks for wearing with boots. We recommend Marino Wool socks such as SmartWool socks.

Gone have the days when you need to wear two pairs of socks with boots. Modern boot construction means that with Gore-Tex and other such fabrics being used, you really don’t need to use two pairs of socks. Two pairs of socks will also led to blisters and extra friction and sweating, overheating of the feet causing swelling and other complications. 

What boot for what job?
We have taken the four most popular Lowa Boots to give a guide to suggested uses based on the design of the boot.

A Gore-Tex mountain still boot with firm soles. Ideal as a winter patrol boot for police etc.

The same design as the Mountain GTX Boot, only an inch taller. Ideal for those that require that bit of extra ankle protection. Also ideal for Police dog teams.

Lowa SuperCamp Boots (Non-Gore-Tex)
Ideal for those working on rough terrain but in a warmer environment that do not require a Gore-Tex liner.

Ideal for light to medium terrain. These combat boots are non Gore-Tex and are suitable as a lightweight combat boot.

Friday, 1 June 2012

IA Products, made in the UK!

Intelligent Armour Limited is developing and manufacturing its own range of tactical products for a few months now here in the UK using only military specification materials.

All our products are checked and tested under strict quality control so that they work first and every time in the field.
Our products new include:

- Pouches
- Hydration packs
- Slings
- Helmet covers

See more of our products here:
From a standing start
Having been selling products from a few well-known brands for a number of years, we started to learn more and more about what our clients, the end-users were wanting from their equipment. This got us thinking about how we might start manufacturing our own gear.

Not having been involved in purchasing raw materials, Cordura and webbing etc, before, it was a very steep learning curve!

Military specifications and standards
We soon learned that the UK MOD does not have any set standards laid down for the manufacture of "Military Specification" equipment as such. Not like the USA, where even down to the thread a Military Specification exists.

This of course caused us a number of headaches and led us to have to purchase raw materials direct from the USA to insure that we were purchasing only the very best raw materials that were of "Military Specification".

Maybe one day the UK MOD will understand the need to have a laid down specification for thread and fabric and maybe too it might support the UK defence manufactures in the US DOD have with The Berry Amendment.

Standards in manufacture
At Intelligent Armour one thing that we do understand is quality and our clients, so we did not just want to cut any corners in manufacture, we wanted to keep it all "in house" and employ the best possible staff to carry out the manufacture of our products.

We are very proud that we have now got a head seamstress who has made in her career everything from wedding dresses and ball gowns to tents and Kevlar vests; she has too had items that she has designed and made sold in top London stores such as Harrods and Selfridges.

Design and development
Our CEO (Alex Bomberg) draws from his many contacts in the infantry and UK Special Forces and too from the world of Close Protection and private security for advice and ideas. We can't claim to know everything about equipment or its development, but we do always talk to our clients and ask for feedback on what to make next and what does and does not work for them in and operational environment.

You and our future
If you have an idea about a bit of equipment that you want to see made, talk to us. We are only going to be as good as our clients make us!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Multicam Dump Pouch - folding bag

The Multicam Dump Pouch - folding bag; by Intelligent Armour is ideal for SF patrol use and is lightweight and compact.

Made in the UK by Intelligent Armour using military specification materials. These including genuine Crye Multicam 1000D Cordura and NanoSphere 40D Multicam, stitched with type 69 nylon bonded thread that is mildew and rot resistant.

This Molle pouch is ideal for the quick stowage of magazines during contacts or can be used to collect evidence.

Folding up really small means that when not in use, this pouch is not going to get in the way.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

IA Multicam Helmet Cover

IA Multicam Helmet Cover, for Special Forces use.

Intelligent Armour Limited recently received a commission  to produce a Multicam helmet cover for a MICH style helmet with Ops-Core VAS Shroud and Ops-Core Rails.

Manufactured with Crye 2-Way stretch NanoShpere® Multicam and Multicam mesh (sides) and Velcro loop (top and rear).

Made in the UK by Intelligent Armour.

Want to know more about NanoSphere®? See:

An ideal helmet cover for those that are required to wear NVG/NVD.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Spyderco Knives

Spyderco Knives

Spyderco Atlantic Salt Black FRN Knife, rustproof rescue knife ideal for seafarers and emergency workers.
Now available in a rustproof version, the Spyderco Atlantic Salt knife is a modified Rescue made with state of the art non-rusting H1 steel.
Overall length: 8 1/4" (210 mm)
Closed length: 4 5/8" (117 mm)
Spyderco Military Black Blade, rust resistant knife with subdued carbon steel blackened blade.
Since the steel is the spirit of the knife, CPM-S30V with almost 2% carbon seemed the logical choice for the blade given its reputation for long-term edge retention and rust resistance.
Overall length: 9 1/2" (241 mm)
Blade length: 4" (102 mm)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Iain Sinclair CardSharp 2 Knife

A revolutionary knife, discover the Iain Sinclair CardSharp 2 Knife!

Our clients are always looking for interesting items, useful space saving and great value items. When we saw the Iain Sinclair CardSharp 2 Knife we jumped at the chance of getting some in stock.
CardSharp 2 new improved superlight and supersharp utility knife the size of a credit card.

Updated features include stiffer, polypropylene body (living hinges guaranteed for life) and unique safety lock (cannot open in pocket or drawer and child proof). Just three ingenious folding operations metamorphosise the card into an elegant pocket utility tool. Slimmer and lighter than an ordinary knife.

Monday, 27 February 2012

March Competition - Win a set of 8 Intelligent Armour Belts

March 2012 - Win a set of eight Intelligent Armour Belts

Intelligent Armour have developed two great belts, made here in the UK. Manufactured in four colours, Tan, Black, Olive Drab and Foliage Green.
This price is worth just under £400! The winner of this competition will receive a set of eights belts in his or her size or in a mixture of sizes to share with friends!

Question: What brand/make of buckles do we use on our Intelligent Armour Belts?

The answer can be found on these two pages:
IA Combat Holster Belt
IA UKSF Riggers Belt

How to enter: Simply email your answer with your name and contact number to:

Competition rules: One entry per email address, multiple entries from the same email address will not be counted. The winner will be picked at random on the 31st March 2012. The name of the winner will be posted on this page, the winner will be contacted prior to the posting of any name.

Friday, 24 February 2012


SIG SAUER Tactical kit bags are great bags for police, close protection and range use.

Designed for the professional, the SIG SAUER Competition Range Bag is a great grab bag manufactured from tough 600 Denier woven polyester with operational use in mind.

SIG SAUER have embroidered in silver the SIG SAUER® logo, as with all SIG SAUER products, this bag has been designed for professionals, by professionals.

Size: 12" High x 21.5" Long x 12" Deep

Made of 100% ballistic nylon, the SIG SAUER Range Bag features a water repellent coating, reinforced bottom and carry handles, and a shoulder strap for easy carry. The main storage area provides plenty of room for ammo, tools and your eye and ear protection. The SIG SAUER Range Bag also features four outer pockets are provided for additional storage.

Size: 8" High x 16" Long x 12" Deep

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Blackhawk Performance Cotton Pants - Khaki

Blackhawk Performance Cotton Pants - Khaki, Military and Close Protection Trousers from Blackhawk.

New for the 2010 season, the Blackhawk Performance Cotton Pants are suitable for Military and Close Protection use as tactical trousers. Packed full of features, these Blackhawk Performance Cotton Pants are smart, stylish and well manufactured.


  • Durable wrinkle, fade, and stain resistant 8.5 ounce cotton canvas
  • Double layering in the seat and knee for increased wear and protection
  • Crotch gusset allows increased movement
  • Extra wide reinforced belt loops
  • Hidden Expandable waistband slides for increased mobility and comfort
  • Silicone grip strip in waistband keeps shirt tucked in during extreme maneuvers
  • "Angle-cut" hand pockets have flat edges
  • Each leg has an easy-access, top opening mag pouch
  • Large top- opening cargo pockets on each leg with elastic webbing inside
  • Zippered access on cargo pocket
  • Zippered rear hip pocket keeps wallet secure, and separate from large rear pockets
  • Large hidden zipper pocket behind right hand pocket
  • Reinforced hems on leg cuffs for increased durability

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Gerber DMF Folder Knife

Gerber DMF Folder Knife

With a textured G-10 handle, the Gerber DMF Folder a sure grip and maintains a perfect weight balance, the Gerber knife Blade is designed part straight/part serrated edge for tactical use

Gerber Clip Folding Knives:
While the style of clip folder may vary, these everyday general purpose knives feature our most exciting designs, a good working blade, secure lock, and a strong handle. The clip holds the knife firmly in place deep in the pocket while offering easy access.
  • Blade type: part straight/part serrated edge designed for tactical use
  • Blade style: modified clip point
  • Blade opening: manual (no springs)