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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lowa combat boots, the right choice

Lowa combat boots, the right choice…
Having been selling Lowa combat boots for four years now you could say that we have some experience with this brand!

Choosing boots is very much a personal issue, down to preference, and no matter what your task or job you need to take care in picking the right pair of boots.

Why Lowa?
We point people in the direction of Lowa Combat Boots mainly due to the craftsmanship and the quality of the construction. Very, very few of our clients have had to return Lowa boots due to defects.

Another great reason to invest in to Lowa boots is that many of the range can be re-soled. Although we do suggest that this is done only with companies that are recommended by Lowa and who use genuine Vibram sole units. Two such companies are: Feet First – 01246 260795 & Lancashire Sports Repairs – 01282 439109

Picking the right size
Many people contact us about the sizing on Lowa Boots, having read articles on the internet and on forums that tell the buyer to go up a size or half a size.

We do not advise this. If you are a size UK9, then order a size UK9, you can always exchange it if you are wrong.

Trying boots for size is always important if you can, not of course easy if you are ordering via the internet! Our advice on this is to try your boots on later in the day; this is because most people’s feet expand during the day.

If you want to try a pair of boots then please call us first to ensure that we have the correct sizes in stock and also so that someone can be on hand to give you the best possible advice on what might be best for you and your feet.

Two pairs of socks?
We do not advise on trying boot on with two pair of socks, or wearing two pairs of socks. Our advice is to purchase the right socks for wearing with boots. We recommend Marino Wool socks such as SmartWool socks.

Gone have the days when you need to wear two pairs of socks with boots. Modern boot construction means that with Gore-Tex and other such fabrics being used, you really don’t need to use two pairs of socks. Two pairs of socks will also led to blisters and extra friction and sweating, overheating of the feet causing swelling and other complications. 

What boot for what job?
We have taken the four most popular Lowa Boots to give a guide to suggested uses based on the design of the boot.

A Gore-Tex mountain still boot with firm soles. Ideal as a winter patrol boot for police etc.

The same design as the Mountain GTX Boot, only an inch taller. Ideal for those that require that bit of extra ankle protection. Also ideal for Police dog teams.

Lowa SuperCamp Boots (Non-Gore-Tex)
Ideal for those working on rough terrain but in a warmer environment that do not require a Gore-Tex liner.

Ideal for light to medium terrain. These combat boots are non Gore-Tex and are suitable as a lightweight combat boot.

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