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Friday, 1 June 2012

IA Products, made in the UK!

Intelligent Armour Limited is developing and manufacturing its own range of tactical products for a few months now here in the UK using only military specification materials.

All our products are checked and tested under strict quality control so that they work first and every time in the field.
Our products new include:

- Pouches
- Hydration packs
- Slings
- Helmet covers

See more of our products here:
From a standing start
Having been selling products from a few well-known brands for a number of years, we started to learn more and more about what our clients, the end-users were wanting from their equipment. This got us thinking about how we might start manufacturing our own gear.

Not having been involved in purchasing raw materials, Cordura and webbing etc, before, it was a very steep learning curve!

Military specifications and standards
We soon learned that the UK MOD does not have any set standards laid down for the manufacture of "Military Specification" equipment as such. Not like the USA, where even down to the thread a Military Specification exists.

This of course caused us a number of headaches and led us to have to purchase raw materials direct from the USA to insure that we were purchasing only the very best raw materials that were of "Military Specification".

Maybe one day the UK MOD will understand the need to have a laid down specification for thread and fabric and maybe too it might support the UK defence manufactures in the US DOD have with The Berry Amendment.

Standards in manufacture
At Intelligent Armour one thing that we do understand is quality and our clients, so we did not just want to cut any corners in manufacture, we wanted to keep it all "in house" and employ the best possible staff to carry out the manufacture of our products.

We are very proud that we have now got a head seamstress who has made in her career everything from wedding dresses and ball gowns to tents and Kevlar vests; she has too had items that she has designed and made sold in top London stores such as Harrods and Selfridges.

Design and development
Our CEO (Alex Bomberg) draws from his many contacts in the infantry and UK Special Forces and too from the world of Close Protection and private security for advice and ideas. We can't claim to know everything about equipment or its development, but we do always talk to our clients and ask for feedback on what to make next and what does and does not work for them in and operational environment.

You and our future
If you have an idea about a bit of equipment that you want to see made, talk to us. We are only going to be as good as our clients make us!

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