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Thursday, 15 November 2012

New! IA Slings

IA has launched its own range of tactical slings using military specification material

The Intelligent Armour Y-Sling is lightweight and a fully adjustable single point sling. The user will be able to suspend a weapon with the weight of the weapon supported via the users body armour or vest.

For a full adjustment, you can adjust the weapon sling by one of its three adjustment points to give you central and left and right bias and up and down. The IA Y-Sling attaches to the Molle or D-Rings on body armour or on a vest using Molle Tee joints.

We took advice for the design from our Infantry clients as to what they require from a sling and we went back to single point sling basics.

The 3-Point Rifle Sling attached to the front and rear sling loops and the quick release buckle is released to bring the rifle to aim. The 3-Point Rifle Sling can also be worn in the “released” 2-point position with the rifle at rest at the side of the user, for a “ready” yet non-aggressive stance.

The sling comes as standard with both stamped metal HK Snap Hooks and a rear stock/butt adaptor strap for a weapon which hasn't got a rear sling loop.

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