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Monday, 24 November 2008

International Intelligence Limited

International Intelligence Limited provides up to date intelligence by both technical and operational means worldwide. We pride ourselves in being an independent company with a strong emphasis on technical capability in support of operational tasks. Our personnel are drawn from various financial, police and military backgrounds. We make use of cutting-edge technology, employing a number of specialist personnel in areas such as computer forensic analysts, forensic accounting, lawful covert satellite tracking and telephone & email interception. International Intelligence Limited has been instructed by clients from many sectors, these include:
  • Private clients
  • Corporate clients
  • Commercial clients
  • Government embassy's
  • Government agencies
  • Various police forces

With our Headquarters in the English Cotswolds, International Intelligence has offices in a number of locations to aid our overseas clients in cross-border cases.

Counter espionage
Our team of former intelligence officers and counter intelligence technical experts have a proven track record of carrying out full counter espionage tasks worldwide protecting our client’s interests.

Our counter espionage services cover:
  • Encryption of communications
  • Secure data storage
  • TSCM Services, Inspections and sweeps
  • Internal and external security review
  • Staff training and lectures

Espionage, both technical and physical is a real and present danger to business today. Technical espionage is among the most common modus operandi and can be the most cost effective. A £50 telephone tap/wiretap, bugging or eavesdropping device can cost a company endless amounts of money - International Intelligence carry out technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) sweeps for clients worldwide.

TSCM Sweeps, can also be used as part of our close protection measures, brought together as a package in order to protect our clients from intimidation and harassment, also to make any technical surveillance being carried out both impractical and non-effective.

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