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Friday, 5 March 2010

Blackhawk Tatang Knife

Blackhawk Tatang Knife, versatile and compact knife with the savage cutting power of the traditional Filipino barong

Tatang is a Tagalog term of address reserved for only the most feared and respected martial artists. In honour of this proud warrior tradition, Blackhawk has made a knife that distills the savage cutting power of the traditional Filipino barong into a smaller, more versatile package.

Tremendous reach and chopping power
When gripped at the rear of the pistol-grip-style, thermoplastic rubber handle, the weight-forward balance of the Tatang's black epoxy-coated 1085C tool-steel blade gives it tremendous reach and chopping power.

Blackhawk Tatang Knife, Controlled cutting, trapping and backcutting
Choking up on the integral subhilt shifts the balance back for more controlled cutting, trapping, and backcutting with the sharpened false edge. Designed by edged-weapons expert Michael Janich, this incredible knife comes complete with a reinforced ballistic nylon sheath.

The Blackhawk Tatang Knife is a great Military Combat Knife and great value.

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