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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Surefire E1B Backup Torch

Surefire E1B Backup Torch

Ultra compact torch with extended runtime
The Surefire E1B Backup torch is an ultra compact (finger length), dual-output LED flashlight with extended runtime and tactical level output.

Developed for law enforcement
The Surefire E1B Backup torch was developed as a duty or military flashlight for plainclothes officers and as a backup for patrol officers, the Surefire E1B Backup torch is also ideal for outdoor, self-defense, and everyday use.

Virtually indestructible
Featuring a virtually indestructible light emitting diode (LED), the dual-output Backup delivers maximum light on the first push of its tailcap switch, the ideal setup for most law enforcement and tactical applications.

Surefire E1B Backup torch has an 80-lumen maximum output, the Backup will generate tactical level light enough to overwhelm an aggressor's night-adapted vision (50-plus lumens for LEDs) - for 1.3 hours.

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