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Thursday, 4 November 2010

International Surveillance Services

International Intelligence Limited uses the latest techniques and equipment to aid in our surveillance services. Surveillance technology and technique has moved on a great deal in the past twenty years, greatly tested in both the combating of terrorism and to feed the worlds hunger for intelligence.

All of our surveillance operatives have previously carried out undercover surveillance in hostile environments thus gaining vast experience working as members of surveillance teams, including aiding private investigations and carrying out counter surveillance tasks.

International Intelligence Limited has been deployed on surveillance in aid of:
  • Litigation/dispute resolution
  • Work place long-term sickness
  • Insurance claims
  • Matrimonial/divorce
  • Post employment background check
International Intelligence Limited use a vast number of technical surveillance devices to aid our surveillance, including vehicles equipped with covert cameras, hidden cameras and microphone in ladies handbags (many of our operatives are female). We also employ techniques where possible, such as – telephone tapping, fax monitoring and email interception although these services are only carried out during surveillance in certain circumstances and where the law allows.

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