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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Lowa Jungle Boots

Lowa Jungle Boots, new to the Lowa combat boot range for 2011

Lowa Jungle Boots have been created by Lowa from years of experience in jungle training and combat feedback from military users of Lowa.

The Lowa Jungle Boots are suitable for use in Afghanistan or Jungle operational environments, are ultra lightweight (655gm - one boot size 8) and feature Lowa's Cordura® inserts and 3D mesh anti-bacterial lining; to aid in the protection of the feet in hot climates.

The Lowa Jungle Boots have Vibram® Aconcagua outsole, that is resistant to clogging and also feature drainage ports that also further aid heat control inside the boots.

A great new adition to the Lowa combat boot range, the Lowa Jungle Boots have been well designed by Lowa and offer great value.

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