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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Close Protection, Case Studies

Intelligent Protection International Limited was approached by a businessman travelling from the USA to a number of European cities. He was to be accompanied by his family during his travels for a period of six weeks.

During the visit, we provided a former member of the SAS as our client’s personal close protection officer. The officer was fluent in German and French, this aided our client a great deal, as well as the feeling of being protected.

Our client’s family were protected by one male, one female operative, both former military, both highly experienced.

The visit went without any issues, six European cities were visited, and the client rebooked our services.

Intelligent Protection International Limited  was instructed by a firm of London Solicitors to provide close protection, counter intelligence and intelligence services during an on-going/long-term legal case.

The case involved high profile litigation between two countries. This case was the largest litigation case in UK legal history, also one of the longest.

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