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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Investigation Case Studies

A corporate client tasked International Intelligence Limited to investigate allegations of theft among its workforce, even though the company had security guards and CCTV. We duly deployed a covert operative within the team that was under suspicion to obtain evidence to aid legal action and dismissal.

Our female operative, a former police officer was able to (with the aid of electronic eavesdropping devices and physical evidence) gain the intelligence needed to support a prosecution.

The result in this case was prosecution of both security and company personnel. Some of the stolen property was also obtained and returned...

An existing corporate client telephoned our offices late one Friday evening requesting an urgent meeting due to the fact that he suspected that his business partner was using their offices, facilities and finance to launch his own business.

International Intelligence Limited were tasked to carry out an in depth investigation into this individual, his personal finances and to obtain intelligence via investigation and electronic surveillance in order to obtain leverage to force a resignation or face prosecution. We were able to obtain information from our client’s computer and telephone system, thus providing recordings of conversations and also emails proving that the target was indeed going into competition with his (at the time) business partner.

As a result of our investigations we were able to provide enough evidence to force the Director to resign. He willingly took that option rather than going through lengthy legal channels.

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