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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Defensive Driving Course

The Defensive Driving Course will benefit the overall service, that you are able to give your Client. Our course is aimed at reducing not only the loss of personnel and vehicle by road traffic incidents, hi-jack or ambush, but will also go a long way to educate the workforce as to the real dangers of terrorist and criminal activities and help them to recognise a potential situation before it develops.

The course content will be delivered by former members of the British Army and Police Officers using tried and tested Police Advanced Driving and Special Forces techniques. The course is aimed at professional drivers and individuals who face a certain level of threat. Whilst defensive driving takes time to master, the course will teach safe and progressive driving skills with further education into areas of risk and threat assessment.

As drivers you are responsible for your vehicle and those travelling within. The threat of hijack or kidnap is real. The tried and tested techniques learnt will give you the confidence and awareness to make quick and effective decisions in crisis situations.
The ability to execute:
  • Safe driving standards to RoSPA Level
  • System of car control
  • Anti ambush/hijack drills
  • Counter surveillance
  • Personal security awareness
  • Hazards and observations
  • Route planning
  • RoSPA Advanced Drivers Test Certificate
  • BTEC Level 2 in Driver Development
  • Intelligent Training International Limited Certificate in Security Driving competence

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